The Best Amazon Publishing Resources For Self-Publishers

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All The Resources You Need To Publish & Rank

Here is the big collection of links to the best Amazon publishing resources for self-publishers that covers all the essential phases from writing, design, publishing, marketing, distribution and reviews .

Without the need to hunt and search, simply bookmark this page and return to it whenever you need to locate a critical Amazon resource to enable you to become a sucessful publisher.

Resources For Author

Begin Properly With The Optimize Settings



Add your biography, photos, blog, video, and tour events to the Author Page; track your book sales; get author help by phone or email.

Contact Amazon if you feel your copyright is being infringed upon by another seller.

Details about royalty rates paid to those publishing using KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

The Amazon Best Sellers calculation is based on Amazon sales of a product. It is updated hourly to reflect recent and historical sales of every item sold on Amazon.

How Amazon calculates royalties for eBook and paperback sales, delivery costs for eBooks, and calculations for books on sale.

This links you directly to the instructions needed to edit your profile page which is separate from your AuthorCentral page. (Amazon account login required.)

Finding out which category and niche to write your book on will be the first step to determine in order to rank higher and become the best book seller.

Resources For Writing

Speed Up Writing & Solve Writer's Block



Secret tool used by best sellers to create stunning ebooks In minutes.  DIY.

Used by top sellers to creates ebooks, PDFs, AND lead magnets from any web page in minutes. Unlimited images from copyright free image libraries. DIY.

Hire the best book writer, outsource whole or part of your book to the professionals

Having writer's block?  No problem, these top writers can help

One of the best natural language paraphraser, summarizer and grammer checker.   

Spin an article into a brand unique article with this time-tested tool since 2011.   The latest version 12 boost even more power by using  ENL Semantic Spinning technology in regards to spinning (multi-word) phrases.  Try it free for 5 days and see if you like it. 

Resources For Design

All Design, Book Covers & Unlock Creativity 



Trusted by hundres of thousands to create all types of designs such as your book cover.  DIY

Top designers to be hired for your book cover.  We know that it an outstanding book cover is one of the most importaant factor for deciding if your book will sell.  

Resources For Publishing

For Your Publishing Needs



This is Amazon's full-service publishing arm, with numerous imprints spanning multiple categories. They are not currently accepting unsolicited submissions.

How to select categories for paperback and eBooks.

A platform for the development and distribution of audiobooks that connects authors with recording studios and voice talent. Additionally, it is used to upload a completed audiobook to Audible, Amazon, or iTunes.

Amazon's self-publishing portal for adding Kindle eBooks to the company's international network of retailers.

This directs you to the instructions for editing your profile page, which is distinct from your AuthorCentral profile page. (Login to your Amazon account is necessary.)

ISBNs are not necessary for Kindle eBooks, although they are required for print books. While Amazon provides a free ISBN, you may use your own or purchase one for $99. If you utilize the free ISBN, Amazon will act as your publisher, and your paperback will be produced only by Amazon.

How to choose or update paperback and e-book keywords.

New print and eBook publications are frequently connected automatically so that they display on the same page. If this does not occur within approximately a week, contact Amazon.

KDP Pricing Support analyzes historical sales data for groups of books with comparable attribute values and visualizes the relationship between pricing adjustments and book sales.

Resources For Marketing

Ways To Market Your Books



You may opt to make any book enrolled in KDP Select available to users for free for up to five days throughout each 90-day enrollment term.

Amazon Advertising is available for print and eBooks published on KDP.

Details about royalty rates paid to those publishing using KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Kindle Countdown Deals is a feature available to KDP Select writers that enables them to launch limited-time discount campaigns on their eBooks.

Kindle eBooks may be posted up to 90 days prior to their scheduled release.

Resources For Distribution

Take Advantages Of All Distribution Channels 



Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows you to keep your items at Amazon's fulfillment centers, where they are picked, packed, shipped, and serviced.

An e-commerce platform that lets third-party sellers to sell new and used products alongside Amazon's normal offers on's fixed-price online marketplace.

Shoppers may preview the contents of Kindle and print books. The default is 20%, however writers may specify a different percentage to display. It is format dependent, so check the link to learn more.

Resources For Reviews

Understand, Improve & Increase Reviews  



Explains the situations under which Amazon will remove reviews and the company's policy surrounding the distribution of free books to readers and the use of family and friend reviews.

Guidelines, standards, and eligibility requirements for leaving Amazon reviews; writing suggestions for excellent reviews. Additionally, there is a list of reasons why reviews are denied or removed.

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